Investigation And Enforcement Directorate

Enforcement Directorate is responsible for the investigation, interrogation and compilation of case files in the Agency .

Charged with the responsibility for enforcing the provisions of Act. 25 of 1999. Some of this provisions include:

  • Prohibition to produce , import , manufacture , distribute, display for the purpose of sale any counterfeit , adulterated , banned , fake, substandard or expired drug or unwholesome processed food.
  • Prohibition of sale or hawking of drugs or poisons in any place not duly licensed or registered by appropriate authority.
  • Paying unscheduled visits to all ports of entry and border posts
  • Entry at any reasonable time, (if need be by force) any premises in which there is reason to believe that the provisions of the Act. are being contravened, etc.

The functions of the Enforcement Directorate are :

  • Conducting surveillance on companies and persons suspected to be violating NAFDAC’s regulations.
  • Carrying out investigations on such persons and companies.
  • Interrogation of suspects.
  • Sampling of NAFDAC regulated products to the laboratory.
  • Compilation of case files.
  • Raiding of drug hawkers.
  • Destruction of fake and spurious regulated products.
  • Co-ordination of activities of State Task forces.