Authorization to purchase finished Narcotics


  1. Application in triplicate on the institutions letterhead which should be addressed to:

     The Director–General,

     NAFDAC, Oshodi, Lagos.

     Attention ;

                 The Director,

                 Narcotics and Controlled Substances Directorate

                NAFDAC Oshodi,


The application should include the following

  1. Reference Number and date of application
  2. Name and strength of drugs.
  3. Quantity and pack list.
  4. Name and signature of the pharmacist and Medical Director of Institution.
  5. An endorsement by the state’s Director of Pharmaceutical Services.(DPS) on the reverse side of the applications. The Director is expected to inspect the record of disposal when endorsing the letter. The endorsement is to have a reference No and date. A copy of the application is to be kept by the Director of Pharmaceutical Services of the state.


  1. The application should be submitted by hand.
  2. Documents required for the supply;
    1. The application in duplicate signed and endorsed by the State’s Director of Pharmaceutical Services or the Chief Pharmacist.
    2. Dangerous drugs record Books- pharmacy and Ward Record Books as well as Ward order Book. These books should be bought at the Federal Medical Stores by a first applicant and should be brought for checking each time a new stock is appplied for.
    3. Where the signatory is not the collector of the dangerous drugs, there should be a letter of authority to collect signed by the signatory to the application. This letter should be written on the institution’s letter head in duplicate and addressed to:

                                                The Deputy Director,

Federal Medical Stores

Oshodi, Lagos.


  1. Staff Identity card issued by the institution using the dangerous drugs should be presented along with authentic documents such as driver’s license/ international passport and professional bodies.
  2. First applications are xpected to be accompanied by a letter indicating the number of beds, doctors, nurses and pharmacists in the institution. Also, photocopies of the registration of the hospital with the state private hospitals registration board and the medical Director’s Registration with Nigerian Medical and dental Council should be submitted every year. Where there is a pharmacist, he /she should submit the Annual License to practice. In the case of state Government’s Medical Stores, the number of hospitals being supplied the drugs should be stated.




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