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Guidelines for controlled chemicals



    1. These guidelines are intended for companies and other stakeholders involved in the importation of controlled in Nigeria.
    2. These guidelines are for obtaining permit to clear controlled chemicals under the various International Conventions and treaties and those controlled nationally.
    3. The permit granted is an authorization for the applicant to import and should therefore be obtained before controlled chemicals are shipped.
    4. Controlled chemicals must not be shipped without obtaining a permit to import from the Agency. Any applicant / importer that ships controlled chemicals before permit to import is issued will be sanctioned appropriately.
    5. The permit to import does not authorize the applicant/importer to clear the consignment without first obtaining a permit to clear from the Agency. Any applicant / importer that clears controlled chemicals from the port of entry before permit to clear is issued will be sanctioned appropriately.
    6. No pharmaceutical company is allowed to use her license to import and clear controlled chemicals. Such company should obtain permit to import from the Agency before such importation can be made.if you are in doubt please contact Narcotics and Controlled Substances Directorate( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

The following are required from every applicant:

  1. Application letter on the company’s letter headed paper addressed to the DIRECTOR GENERAL (NAFDAC ) ATTENTION: DIRECTOR NARCOTICS AND CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES indicating the list of chemicals, the quantities required and the uses for which the chemicals are intended. The Application must be signed by the Managing Director / CEO or the Technical officer of the company.
  2. One photocopy of certificate of Incorporation and original for sighting.,
  3. One photocopy of current tax clearance certificate and original for sighting.
  4. One certified true copy of the Memorandumand Articles of Association and original for sighting.
  5. One certified true copy of the Particulars of Directors, FORM CO7 and original for sighting.
  6. Passport photograph, Credentials, letter of appointment of the technical officer, letter of acceptance of employment by the Technical Officer who must be a Nigerian and should have chemistry or science background with a minimum of OND
  7. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the chemical .The specific chemical name(s) of the item(s) required must be given.
  8. Proforma Invoice from manufacturer
  9. LPO from end user(s). Only applicable to marketers
  10. Copy of Permit from Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals ( applicable to importers of Ammonium Nitrate)
  11. Copy of NAFDAC Listing Certificate (for marketers)
  12. Copy of NAFDAC Registration Certificate ( where applicable)
  13. Disposal records of previously imported consignments of controlled chemicals (which must indicate quantity utilized ,sold or disposed and the balance) must be submitted along with the application letter (not for first applicants). Evidence of sales such as invoice, receipts, and delivery notes/waybills may also be required.


  1. Clearing agents are not allowed to process applications for permit to

Import/clear on behalf of companies. Such transactions are to be undertaken by the technical officer or designated staff with science background.

ii. Warehouses and storage facilities for controlled chemicals are inspected annually.


The following are required from every applicant: -

  1. Application letter on company’s letter headed paper addressed to the DIRECTOR-GENERAL (NAFDAC), ATTENTION: DIRECTOR NARCOTICS AND CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES stating name and quantity of product, the port of entry with the following documents attached (ORIGINALS FOR SIGHTING
  2. Photocopy of permit to Import.( jacked copy if not first consignment)
  3. Commercial Invoice
  4. Bill of Entry (SGD form)
  5. Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  6. Certificate of Value and Origin
  7. Form M
  8. Packing List
  9. Risk Assessment Report (RAR)
  10. Certificate of Analysis of the chemical issued by the manufacturer– with the Name, Signature and Designation of Analyst clearly indicated.
  11. FEES
    1. Permit to import              N 21, 000.00 for three (3) chemicals
    2. Permit to clear                 N 10,500.00 per bill of entry
  13. Inspections
    1. Warehouse Inspection                           N 10, 500.00
    2. Follow up Inspection                            N 5, 250.00
  14. Administrative charges
    1. *Importation withoutN 500,000.00(controlled)
    2. *Clearance without permit to clear   N 150,000.00

*The Agency may prosecute applicants/importers that import or clear controlled chemicals without collecting the relevant permits from the Agency.




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