Veterinary Medicines and Allied Products Directorate (VMAP) is one of the five (5) newly created directorate in the Agency. The directorate, located at Yellow Fever Vaccine Laboratory building, Yaba, started operation on 11th April, 2013. VMAP also has a desk office at FCT state office, Abuja


Functions include:

  1. Providing Science-based advice and information on the quality, safety and efficacy of veterinary medicines, veterinary products, pesticides and agro-chemicals;
  1. Developing and promoting standards, regulations and guidelines in consultation with other Government Agencies and stakeholders on veterinary medicines, veterinary products, pesticides and agro- chemicals;
  1. Regulating the manufacture and distribution of feeds, feed ingredients, feed additives and drugs for animals;
  2. Regulating foods, feed ingredients and feed additives and drugs for pets and companion animals;
  1. Monitoring the safety of foods and medications for animal.
  1. Regulating and controlling the use of pesticides and agro-chemicals.
  2. Conduct inspection and monitoring of production premises of veterinary and allied products facilities.
  3. Conduct Scientific Research into various areas of Veterinary and Allied Products.
  4. Conduct Industrial outreach.
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