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Meet the Director, Kaduna Laboratory Services

Director, Laboratory Services, Kaduna
Director, Laboratory Services, Kaduna


Dr. (Mrs) Rametu Omamegbe Momodu is a Pharmacist and administrator with vast experience in the regulation and control of NAFDAC regulated products such as Food, Drugs, Cosmetics, water, medical devices, and chemicals. She joined the Ministry of Health in 1992 but moved to NAFDAC when the agency was created. She was recently appointed as the first Director of the newly created Kaduna Laboratory Services in Kaduna State.

She has contributed immensely to the development of NAFDAC having worked in several directorates in the Agency. She has risen through the ranks, handling increasingly higher responsibilities at different levels. She has worked at the Ports Inspection, Laboratory services, Establishment inspection (now Drug evaluation and research), Registration and Regulatory affairs- Local Drugs, Imported Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices, Herbal and Cosmetics. She has vast knowledge and experience in the area of Product Licensing, inspections, Laboratory evaluation, Pharmacovigilance, Chemical control, Drugs, Herbal, Biologics, Medical Devices, and Cosmetics. Her expertise also covers other areas of Regulation and control of regulated products with remarkable contributions to Landmark projects in the agency such as the PTF programme, the Quality assurance/Quality control, Roll Back Malaria, NAFDAC international Regulatory forum. She has presented papers at seminars, conferences and workshops, and represented the agency at several local and international meetings and conferences with numerous publications on malaria and drug regulations.

Dr. Rametu Momodu is a distinguished Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (FPSN), West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacy (FPCPharm) and the Nigerian Institute of  Management (FNIM). She is an alumnus of the University of Benin where she obtained the Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree in 1990. She has a strong appetite for knowledge which propelled her to pursue a Master’s degree in Public (MPH) from the Prestigious School of Public Health University of Western Capetown (UWC). Still aiming higher, she went further to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Benin.

Dr. Momodu continues to make significant contributions by engaging in activities and providing creative ideas and concepts for the fulfillment of the NAFDAC mandate. She has also helped to mentor younger officers of the Agency and young pharmacists within and outside the Agency.

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