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Drugs and Biologics Laboratory

 Meet the Director, Drug Laboratory


  • Submission, Testing Of Products And Transmission Of Reports   

Food Laboratory

Laboratory Services Directorate

The Laboratory Services (LS) Directorate is the arm of the Agency that investigates and pronounces on the quality, safety, efficacy and wholesomeness of regulated products both imported and locally manufactured.

The Director in charge of Food Laboratories is resident at Oshodi Central Laboratory while the Director in charge of Drug Laboratories is resident at Yaba Drug Laboratory, all in Lagos.


The Laboratory Services Directorate is headed by two Directors who supervises its functions through enhanced facilities, maintenance and capacity development of personnel in the Seven (7) functional laboratories.

The Food Laboratories namely:

  • Central Laboratory, Oshodi, Lagos
  • Zonal Laboratory, Agulu
  • Area Laboratory, Port Harcourt; are supervised by One Director

While the Drug Laboratories namely:

  • Central Drug Control Laboratory, Yaba, Lagos
  • National Control Laboratory for Vaccines and other Biologicals (NCLVB), Yaba, Lagos
  • Area Laboratory, Kaduna
  • Area Laboratory, Maiduguri; are supervised by another Director.


  • Conducts appropriate tests and ensure compliance with standard specifications designated and approved by the Council for the effective control of the quality of food, drugs and other regulated products and their production processes as well as their production processes in factories and other establishments;
  • Establishes and maintains relevant   laboratories in strategic areas of Nigeria as may be necessary for the performance of its functions;
  • Pronouncing the quality and safety of food, drugs and otherregulated products after appropriate analysis.
  • Undertaking of laboratory work on the storage, adulteration, distribution and rational use of food, drug and other regulated products.
  • Analytical investigation into Enforcement/task force samples for sanctions and prosecutions
  • Develop analytical method for analyzing food, drugs and other regulated products and
  • Serve as reference Laboratory for other Governmental Agencies eg Nigeria Customs Service by analyzing samples for tariff classifications, NDLEA to identify narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances, Nigeria Police Force for analysis of forensic samples.

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