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Food Outbreaks & Recalls

Food Outbreaks and Recalls

DateTitleProduct TypeSourceManufacturer
17th March, 2023Public Alert No:007/2023 – Kawasho Foods USA Inc. Announces a Voluntary Recall Of A Single Lot Of GEISHA Medium Shrimp 4oz. Because Of Possible Health RiskFoodNAFDAC
2nd February, 2023Public Alert No:003/2023 – Corim Industries Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Peanut Butter hot ChocolateFood NAFDAC
21st August, 2022Public Alert No. 0037/2022 – European Rapid Alert System For Dangerous Non-Food Products: Banned Cosmetic Product-Brown Henna Hair Colour By Inidian Royal Topline Exim IncCosmeticERAS
21st August, 2022Public Alert No. 0036/2022 – European Rapid Alert System For Dangerous Non-Food Products: Banned Cosmetic Product Hyaluronic Acid X 3 Face Mask By South Korea’s SkinliteRegulated ProductERAS
21st August, 2022Public Alert No. 0035/2022 – European Rapid Alert System For Dangerous Non-Food Products: Banned Cosmetic Product-Professional Mouse Pro-Vitamin B5 By United Kingdom Studio 2000 SystemCosmeticERAS
3rd June, 2022Public Alert No.034/2022 – Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC Issues Voluntary Recall of Specific Varieties of SKITTLES® Gummies, STARBURST® Gummies, and LIFE SAVERS® Gummies Due to Potential Presence of Thin Metal Strand Embedded in Gummies or Loose in the BagFoodNAFDAC
26th May, 2022Public Alert No. 0033/2022 – European Rapid Alert System For Dangerous Non-Food Products (RAPEX) Banned Cosmetic Product, Placentyne Hair LotionCosmeticNAFDAC
26th May, 2022Public Alert No.030/2022 – Ferrero Voluntarily Recalls Kinder® Surprise 20g and 20gx3 chocolate products manufactured by Italian based company FerreroFood NAFDAC
12th May, 2022Public Alert No.028/2022 – Abbott Del Monte Bubble Fruit – Tropical Mixed Fruit Cup SnacksFoodNAFDAC
9th May, 2022Public Alert No.026/2022 – B&G Foods Issues Voluntary Allergy Alert for Undeclared Egg and Milk in a Limited Number of Boxes of Back to Nature® Cheddalicious® Cheese Flavored Crackers Mistakenly Containing Animal Shaped CrackersFoodNAFDAC
14th April, 2022Public Alert No. 025/2022- Van Law Food Products, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Soy And Wheat In ProductFoodNAFDAC
1st April, 2022Public Alert No. 023/2022 – Urgent: Torn & Glasser Recalls Sprouts Farmer Market Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries 12 Oz. Because of Undeclared Almond AllergenFoodNAFDAC
1st April, 2022Public Alert No.022/2022 – Abbott Voluntarily Expands Recall of Powder Formulas Similac PM 60/40 (Lot # 27032K80 (can) Manufactured at One PlantFood NAFDAC
31st March, 2022Public Alert No. 021/2022 – Continental Mills Recalls Walmart Great Value Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix Due To Possible Foreign Material ContaminationFood NAFDAC
31st March, 2022Public Alert No. 020/2022 – Continental Mills Recalls Kroger Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix Due To Possible Foreign Material ContaminationFood NAFDAC
24th March, 2022Public Alert: 019/2020 – Recall of All Batches of Hugold CBD Oil Products by Ireland Food safety AuthorityFood NAFDAC
16th March, 2022Public Alert No: 015/2022 – Recall Of All Lots Of Tolteca Saladitos (Dried Salted Plums) And Tolteca Saladitos Con Chile Y Limon ( Dried Plums With Chili & Lemon) By Candies Tolteca Of Fresno, California USA Due To Potential Lead ContaminationFoodUS FDA
16th March, 2022Public Alert No: 014/2022 – Recall Of All Lots Of El Chavito Saladitos Dried Salted Plums And Elchavito Saladitos Enchilados Salted Plums With Chilli By El Chavito Incorporation Due To Potential Lead ContaminationFoodUS FDA
16th March, 2022Public Alert No: 013/2022 – Recall Of Vadilal Frozen Custard Apple Pulp By Vadilal Industries Due To Potential Salmonella ContaminationFoodUS FDA
8th March, 2022Public Alert: 012/2020 – Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recall Nerada Detox TeaFoodARA
1st March, 2022Public Alert No: 008/2022 – Class I Recall: Abbott Recalls Certain Powdered Infant Formula Linked To Food Borne Illness Outbreak Due To Presence Of Cronobacter Sakazakii And Salmonella Newport BacteriaFood NAFDAC
24th February, 2022Public Alert No. 007/2022 – Public Alert On Alasko Brand IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Whole Kernel Corn Recalled Due To SalmonellaFoodCFIA
10th February, 2022Public Alert No: 004/2022 – Recall Of Bake Crafters -Maple Waffle Wg Chicken Sausage Sandwich Due To Potential Listeria Monocytogenes ContaminationFoodUS FDA
17th December, 2021Public Alert No.0048/2021 Food Recall Warning – Amara Brand Organic Smoothie Melts – Carrot Raspberry Recalled Due To Plastic PiecesFoodCFDAR
30th November, 2021Public Alert No. 43/2021 – Voluntary Recall of Green Field Farms Whole chocolate Milk produced by Green Field Farms Dairy of Fredericksburg, Ohio, due to ineffective pasteurization of the productFoodUS FDA
27th September, 2021Public Alert No: 036/2021 – Recall Of All Lots Of Max Health Hydro Pineapple Burn By John Nguyen (JONGU 4308), An Ebay Seller Due To Presence Of Undeclared SibutramineFood US FDA
27th September, 2021Public Alert No: 0035/2021 – Recall Of Products Labelled As Infant Formulas By Able Groupe Due To Insufficient Iron Levels And Failure To Meet Fda RequirementsFood US FDA
9th August, 2021Public Alert No.027/2021- Statins: Drug Safety Communication – US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) Requests Removal Of Strongest Warning Against Using Cholesterol-Lowering Statins During PregnancyDrugs US FDA
6th July, 2021Public Alert No: 021/2021 – Illegal Distribution And Sale Of Unregistered Brands Of Milky Creamer Products In NigeriaFood NAFDAC
3rd June, 2021Public Alert No.014/2021 – Recall Of Cow & Gate And Aptamil Muesli 10+ Months Products By Nutricia Due To The Presence Of Pieces Of Apple StalksFoodMHRA, UK
7th April, 2021Public Alert No: 008/2021 – Alert on Unregistered and Fake CHARMS Slimming & Tummy Reduction TeaFood NAFDAC
5th February, 2021Public Alert No:002/2021 – Recall Of Sportmix Pet Food By Midwestern Pet Food Due To Potentially Fatal Level Of AflatoxinFoodUS FDA
24th November, 2020Public Alert No. 033/2020- Caution Against Consumption Of Swiss Alpine Green TeaFoodCFDA
27th October, 2020Public Alert No: 023/2020-Recall Of Winter Melon Strips Due To Excessive Levels Of Sulphur DioxideFoodNAFDAC
23rd October, 2020PUBLIC ALERT NO. 015/2020- China Detects Corona Virus in Imported Food ProductsFoodNAFDAC
14th October, 2020Public Alert No: 014/2020- Recall of Liquid Fruit Grape Juice product code 27327 by South Africa Foods Company FoodSAFC, South Africa
2nd October, 2020Public Alert No. 0010/2020 Recall of FARO Table Water 750ml Due to Presence of ParticlesFoodNAFDAC
7th July, 2020PUBLIC ALERT NO. 008/2020- Alert against the consumption of Pure Tassie Organic Apple and Blackcurrant Juice originating from Australia due to exceeded level of mycotoxinFood CFS, Hong Kong
29th December, 2019Public Alert No. 0023/2019 - Alert on Dangerous and Unapproved Use of Paracetamol Tablets in Food PreparationDrugsNAFDAC
11th November, 2019Public Alert No: 0020/2019 - Alert On Frozen Raspberries Contaminated With Norovirus From ChinaFoodNAFDAC
9th July, 2019Public Alert No. 0012/2019 - Resumption of Production of Eva Premium Table Water 75cl at Nigerian Bottling Company Limited, Asejire, IbadanFoodNAFDAC
30th June, 2019Public Alert No. 0011/2019 - Recall of Eva Premium Table Water 75cl Due to Change in Colour and Presence of ParticlesFoodNAFDAC
18th January, 2019Public Alert No: 001/2019 – Warning Against The Purchase And Consumption Of The Following Unregistered ProductsFoodPhilippines FDA
14th November, 2018Public Alert No: 0029/2018 - Ghanaian Health Authority Warns Against Consumption Of Puffer FishFood Ghanaian Health Authority
29th September, 2018Alert On Puffer FishFoodGhanaian Health Authority
6th September, 2018Public Alert No: 0026/2018 - Recall Ofolufela Yemitan Picante Smoked Siluriformes ProductFood USDA
10th August, 2018Public Alert No 0021/2018 - Malaysian Health Authorities Recall Canned SardinesFoodMMH Malaysia
10th August, 2018Public Alert No: 0020/2018 - European Union Food Safety Authority Issues Health Warnings On Green Tea ExtractsFoodEFSA
27th July, 2018Listeriosis Resulting From Consumption Of Imported Contaminated Frozen Mixed Vegetable Food
12th April, 2018Public Alert No: 08/2018 Authorities Warn Against The Consumption Of Wales Golden Honey And Macum Eqimedyumly HoneyFoodQatar
Public Alert no. 05/2018 – Contaminated Meat Products From South AfricaFood

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