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MedSafety Week 2023

November 6, 2023,

#MedSafetyWeek 2023

We invite you all to celebrate the eighth annual #MedSafetyWeek. The MedSafety Week runs from 6 to 12 November 2023 and it aims at encouraging everyone to report suspected side effects of medicines.

The 2023 global campaign involves 95 regulators and other organizations from 85 countries, including Nigeria, with an exciting theme ‘’ WHO CAN REPORT?’’ which focuses on the strategic roles of healthcare professionals (doctor, nurse, and pharmacist), caregivers, patients, and the public who reports side (adverse) effects.

Reporting side effects of medicines is crucial in every treatment process as it ensures patient safety and helps make medicines safer.

Watch out for our tweets, join the conversation, and help us spread the word #MedSafetyWeek.

All medicines can cause side effects. When you take any medicine and you feel unwell, please, report it to your doctors, pharmacists, and nurses. If you are a healthcare provider, please report using our med safety app to report all side (adverse) effects.  Your report helps make medicines safer and your report can save a million lives.

Side (adverse) effects can appear at any time. Once you experience any feeling of being unwell after taking any medicine, please, contact your doctor. Your report makes medicines safer.

The National Pharmacovigilance Center, NAFDAC monitors the safety of medicines to protect patients. Your suspected side effect reports are crucial to support #PatientSafety

Submit a report  Primary eReporting (who-umc.org) or by downloading our Med Safety App via the Play Store or app store.

Having trouble sleeping after taking a medicine?

If you experience this or any unexpected side effects after taking a medicine, talk to a healthcare professional and #ReportSideEffects to Primary eReporting (who-umc.org) or buy downloading our Medsafety app via play store or app store.

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