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Ports Inspection Guidelines

This resource contains guidance and regulatory documents for importation and exportation of NAFDAC regulated products in Nigeria.

S/NTitleProduct TypeCategoryStatus
24Guideline For Approval To Import Donated Items By Non-Governmental OrganizationsGeneral Import Permit (PID)Published
25Guideline For Approval To Import Products By Government Agencies, International Bodies & Multinational companiesGeneral Import Permit (PID)Published
26Guideline for Approval To Import Raw material For Machine Trial Or Research PurposeGeneral Import Permit (PID)Published
27Guideline For Authorization To Open Form MGeneral GMP Requirement (PID)Published
28Guideline For Non Objection ApprovalGeneral GMP Requirement (PID)Published
44Guideline for Approval to Import Products by Government Agencies, International Bodies & Multinational OrganizationsGeneral Guidance Document (PID)Published
45Guideline for Form M Online Application 2019General Guidance Document (PID)Published
46Guideline for NOC Online Application 2019General Guidance Document (PID)Published
100Guidelines for Clearance of Imported Donated Items at Ports of Entry in NigeriaGeneral Import Clearance Permit (PID)Published
101Guidelines for Clearing Imported Bulk Food, Animal Feed and Food Raw Materials at the Ports of EntryFoodImport Clearance Permit (PID)Published
102Guidelines for Clearing Imported Controlled Narcotics Substances, Pharm Raw Materials & Restrcited ChemicalsNarcoticsImport Clearance Permit (PID)Published
103Guidelines for Clearing Imported Finished Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Herbal Products (Human & VeterinaryHerbalImport Clearance Permit (PID)Published
104Guidelines for Clearing Imported Regulated Food (Including Global Listing for Supermarket Items & Restuarant OperatorsFood Import Clearance Permit (PID)Published
105Guidelines for Clearing of Cosmetics and Medical DevicesCosmetic, Medical DevicesImport Clearance Permit (PID)Published
106Guidelines for Clearing of Imported General Chemicals and Raw MaterialsChemicalImport Clearance Permit (PID)Published
108Guidelines for Fast Track Clearance of Imported Regulated Products and Bulk Raw MaterialsGeneral Import Clearance Permit (PID)Published
109Guidelines for Issuance of Authorization on Letter of No-Objection and Approval to Open Form M & PAARGeneral Import Permit (PID)Published
110Guidelines for Issuance of Export Approval for Samples for Machine TrialsGeneral Export Permit (PID)Published
111Guidelines for the Issuance of Export Certificate for NAFDAC Regulated ProductsGeneral Export Permit (PID)Published
112Guidelines for the Issuance of Health Certificate for Exportation of Processed and Semi-Processed Food CommoditiesFood Export Permit (PID)Published
133Guidance on Master Data Attributes for Pharmaceutical Products DGO-GDL-001-00DrugsTraceabilityPublished
Ports Inspection Section

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