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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2020)

Public Announcement: Instructions on CRIA during this lockdown #04201

April 9, 2020,

As a result of the difficulties experienced during inspection and sampling for CRIA due to the lock down in India, the following below is approved to guide Manufacturers, Exporters and Importers of NAFDAC regulated products from India;

  1. Where Inspection and sampling was conducted by CRIA Agents and the importer do not have any CRIA report as a result of the inability of CRIA agents to conduct laboratory tests and issue reports, the CRIA Agents shall contact NAFDAC and report such for further regulatory action by NAFDAC.
  2. All manufacturers and exporters of NAFDAC regulated products are to send electronic copies of their documents to the CRIA agents of their choice for document verification and validation. CRIA Agents are to only charge for documentation verification and issue a Document Clearance Report to the Manufacturers/Exporters/Importers. Shipments with Document Clearance Reports would be analyzed and issued full release after laboratory testing by NAFDAC.
  3. For those who did not contact the CRIA agents during the lockdown but shipped their consignment, NAFDAC will regard such as violation of the requirement and treat accordingly.
  4. Any consignment that left India before 21st March, 2020 when the total lockdown in India was declared and importers do not provide CRIA report, would be regarded as a violation and treated as such.


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