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CER Section
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  • 1st Floor, NAFDAC HQ, Plot 2032, Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Wuse Zone 7, Abuja
  • +234-435555333

Chemical Evaluation and Research (CER) Directorate


Chemical Evaluation and Research Directorate (CER) is one of the thirteen (13) Directorates in the Agency.

The Directorate is responsible for the Regulation and Control of Chemicals.


The Directorate has Four (4) divisions headed by Deputy Directors and One (1) unit:

  • Chemical Imports Controlled Division
  • Chemical Monitoring & Risk Assessment Division
  • Agro-Chemicals & Chemical Control Division
  • Chemical Research & ReviewDivision


  • Managing of Chemical Safety Risk
  • Conducting Surveillance and Monitoring hazardous (general industrial, laboratory, restricted, agro-chemicals and controlled chemicals etc)
  • Developing and   providing   policies   and   science-based advice and information on chemical risk assessment
  • Developing and   promoting standards, regulations   and guidelines on the handling of chemicals
  • Regulating and controlling the manufacture, exportation, importation, advertisement, distribution and sales and useof chemicals (general, Industrial, laboratory restricted agro­chemical etc)
  • Investigating and Inspecting production, storage premises and raw materials for chemicals
  • Ensuring and assuring compliance with international andNAFDAC current Good Manufacturing Practiceregulations
  • Inspection of   premises    of   foreign   manufacturers   of regulated chemicals for Import to Nigeria to ensure quality assurance and to certify production sites; and
  • Reviewing of inspection findings and   production and regulatory actions for violators.

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