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Recalls & Alerts Procedure

Public Alerts and Dear Healthcare Provider Letters

The PV/PMS Directorate receives and sources alert notifications on recalls and safety information on regulated products.

The information from a notification may be disseminated to the Nigerian public in an Alert Notice and /or Dear Healthcare Provider Letter (DHPL).

On review of the safety information received, timely alert notices and safety communication (Dear Healthcare Provider Letter) are provided to the general public and healthcare providers respectively.

The alert notices and safety communication contain safety measures to be taken and information that may impact both treatment and diagnostic choices for healthcare providers and patients.

Regular visit to the NAFDAC website guarantees your access to current alert notices and new safety information on regulated products.

Rapid Alert System for food and Feeds (RASFF)

RASFF is Rapid Alert system for Food and feeds. It is a key tool to ensure the cross-border flow of information to swiftly react when risks to public health are detected in the food chain. Border rejections are received from European Commission Authentication Service and notifications are disseminated to the relevant Ministries, Department and Agencies; Nigeria Custom Service, Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS), Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Ministry of Trade and Investment, The Central Bank of Nigeria, and other stakeholders in the food safety supply chain.

Nigerian food commodities are being rejected in the European boarders due to pesticides residues contaminant, spoilage, poor handling, packaging and illegal importation etc.

Investors and exporters are encouraged to visit the One Shop Investment Center (OSIC) domiciled at Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission. OSIC isan initiative of the government to enhance the ease of doing business and facilitate investment and export by bringing the relevant government Agenciesand regulators (CAC, CBN, NIPC, FIR, NIS,NAQS and NAFDAC)to one location where all statutory approvals and document required to set up investment in the Nigeria economy can be processed and obtained.

Adequate information is provided by the NAFDAC desk and other competent authorities on permitted level of pesticide residues in food commodities, approved food additives and preservatives proper packaging materials suitable for various food grade,storage conditions,Good manufacturing, Distribution and handling practices and so on. This is to ensure that our food export meet the required regulatory standards.

DateTitleProduct TypeSourceManufacturer
15th July, 2019Public Alert No. 0015/2019 – Expanded Recall Of Infants’ Ibuprofen Concentrated Oral SuspensionDrugsNAFDAC
11th July, 2019Public Alert No: 0014/2019 – Expanded Recall Of Losartan Potassium 50mg And 100mg Tablets By Teva Pharmaceuticals USADrugsUS FDA
11th July, 2019Public Alert No: 0013/2019 – Recall Of Beast Capsules By Stiff Boy LLCDrugsUS FDA
9th July, 2019Public Alert No. 0012/2019 - Resumption of Production of Eva Premium Table Water 75cl at Nigerian Bottling Company Limited, Asejire, IbadanFoodNAFDAC
30th June, 2019Public Alert No. 0011/2019 - Recall of Eva Premium Table Water 75cl Due to Change in Colour and Presence of ParticlesFoodNAFDAC
1st May, 2019Public Alert No. 0010/2019 - Alert on Falsified Meglumine Antimoniate Ampoules in Iran and PakistanDrugsNAFDAC
17th April, 2019Public Alert No. 0009/2019 - Alert on Falsified Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg (Containing Glibenclamide) Circulating in CameroonDrugsWHO
15th April, 2019Public Alert No. 0008/2019 - Alert on Falsified Mencevax Meningitis Vaccines Circulating in Niger RepublicDrugsNAFDAC
10th April, 2019Public Alert No: 0007/2019 – Falsified ICLUSIG traded globallyDrugsWHO
26th March, 2019Public Alert No. 0006/2019 - Alert on Falsified Dukoral Oral Cholera Vaccines Circulating in BangladeshDrugsNAFDAC
25th March, 2019Public Alert No. 0005/2019 - Alert on Fake Mencevax Meningitis Vaccines Circulating in Niger RepublicDrugsNAFDAC
19th February, 2019Public Alert No. 0004/2019 - Alert on Falsely Labelled Menthodex Cough MixtureDrugsNAFDAC
4th February, 2019Public Alert No. 0003/2019 – Alert on Falsified Rabies Vaccines Circulating in the PhilippinesDrugsWHO
19th January, 2019Public Alert No. 0002/2019 – Alert on Outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Limpopo, South AfricaDAFF, South Africa
18th January, 2019Public Alert No: 001/2019 – Warning Against The Purchase And Consumption Of The Following Unregistered ProductsFoodPhilippines FDA
24th December, 2018Public Alert No. 0041/2018 – Alert on Falsified Costrim, Metronidazole, Domiquine, Catrim, Cemtrim 480 and Citrim 480 Tablets Manufactured by Mr. Emeka Madu (aka. Cabara)DrugsNAFDAC
17th December, 2018Public Alert No: 0040/2018 – Thermacare Hetwraps By Pfizer: Six Lots Recalled Due To The Potential For Skin InjuriesDrugs
17th December, 2018Public Alert No: 0039/2018 – Homeopathic Aqeous Based Medicines By Eight And Company D/B/A Sprayolog Recall-Due To Microbial ContaminationDrugs
14th December, 2018Public Alert No: 0038/2018 – Alert on All Lots of Amlodipine/Valsartan Combination Tablets and Amlodipine/Valsartan/Hydrochlorothiazide Combination Tablets.DrugsTeva USA
23rd November, 2018Public Alert No. 0037/2018 - Recall Of Amlodipine 5mg And 10mg Tablets Manufactured By Ecomed Pharma Ltd Due To False LabellingDrugsNAFDAC
14th November, 2018Public Alert No: 36/2018 - Recall Of Ortho-Novum 1/35 (One Lot) And Ortho-Novum 7/7/7 (Two Lots)DrugsUS FDA
14th November, 2018Public Alert No: 31/2018 - Health Related MattersOCHA UN
14th November, 2018Public Alert No: 30/2018 - Portuguese Authority Ordered Withdrawal Of Cosmetics Products From The MarketCosmeticsINFARMED
14th November, 2018Public Alert No: 34/2018 - Recall Of Weight Away Remedy By Living Well Remedies ProductsDrugsUS FDA
14th November, 2018Public Alert No: 0029/2018 - Ghanaian Health Authority Warns Against Consumption Of Puffer FishFood Ghanaian Health Authority
14th November, 2018Public Alert No: 33/2018 - Recall Of Rain Drop Near Vision Inlay By Rvo 2.0 (D. B. A. Optics Medical)Drug
13th October, 2018Public Alert No. 0028/2018 - Recall Of Malco Vitamin B Complex Injection Manufactured By Shreechem Pharmaceuticals PVT. LimitedDrugZARMA
29th September, 2018Alert On Puffer FishFoodGhanaian Health Authority
6th September, 2018Public Alert No: 0026/2018 - Recall Ofolufela Yemitan Picante Smoked Siluriformes ProductFood USDA
25th August, 2018Public Alert No: 0025/2018 - Potential Risk Of Glass Particles In Firmagon 1500 IU & 5000 IU Powder For InjectionDrugEMA
10th August, 2018Public Alert No : 0024/2018 - MBI Distributing Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall Of Homeopathic Teething DropsDrugUS FDA
10th August, 2018Public Alert No 0021/2018 - Malaysian Health Authorities Recall Canned SardinesFoodMMH Malaysia
10th August, 2018Public Alert No: 0020/2018 - European Union Food Safety Authority Issues Health Warnings On Green Tea ExtractsFoodEFSA
10th August, 2018Public Alert No: 0019/2018 - Voluntary Recall Of Sonic-Fusion Flossing Toothbrush Product By Water Pik, IncUS FDA
10th August, 2018Public Alert No: 0022/2018 - Recall Of Latanoprost/Timolol 50mg/Ml+ 5mg/Ml Eye Drop Solution Due To Product DefectDrugOGYEI Hungary
10th August, 2018Public Alert No: 0023/2018 - Ban Of Weight-Loss Supplements Containing Sibutramine In United Arab EmiratesDrug
2nd August, 2018Recall Of Valsartan Due To ContaminationDrugMHRA
27th July, 2018Listeriosis Resulting From Consumption Of Imported Contaminated Frozen Mixed Vegetable Food
25th July, 2018Public Alert No: 0013/2018 - Recall Of Rabies Vaccines Freeze Dried (Vero Cell)Drug CFDAChangchun Changsheng Life Sciences Limited
9th July, 2018Recall Of Valsartan Due To ContaminationDrugMHRA
12th April, 2018Public Alert No: 07/2018 Falsified Augmentin Products Circulating In CamerounDrugCameroun
12th April, 2018Public Alert No: 08/2018 Authorities Warn Against The Consumption Of Wales Golden Honey And Macum Eqimedyumly HoneyFoodQatar
30th March, 2018Public Alert no: 06/2018 - Fake Penicillin-V in Circulation in South-West CamerounDrugSouth-West Cameroun
15th March, 2018Alert on South Africa’s Listeriosis Outbreak “Largest Ever”South Africa
23rd January, 2018Alert on Circulation of Fake Coartem TabletsDrugNAFDAC
Public Alert no. 05/2018 – Contaminated Meat Products From South AfricaFood
Public Alert 017/2018 - Alert On Withdrawal Of Medicines With Modified Or Prolonged Release Paracetamol By Portugal Internal Health AuthorityDrugPAM Portugal
Public Alert No: 0013/2018 - Authorities Ban Six (6) Herbal DrugsHerbalFDA Ghana
Public Alert No: 0012/2018 - Health Authority Orders The Withdrawal Of Metanor Flupirtine CapsuleDrugPAM Portugal
Public Alert No: 0012/ 2018 - Hong Kong Food And Environmental Hygiene Department Suspended Macaroni From AustraliaFoodCFS Hong Kong
Piperacillin And Tazobactam For Injection, Usp 3.375g Vials By Auromedics Pharma: Recall- Vails Contain Particular MatterDrugUS FDA
Recall of Rhino 7 Platinum 5000 Capsules
Warning on Homoeopathic Teething Tablets