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(Last Updated On: May 9, 2020)

Use of Online Platforms And Digital Tools

May 8, 2020,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues with its consequential effects on daily activities and more especially in workplace interactions, the Drug Evaluation & Research (DER) Directorate of NAFDAC has found it imperative to inform our stakeholders of the measures being put in place to limit the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19 disease

As a result, DER is embracing the use of online platforms and digital tools.

The Directorate is hereby informing all our stakeholders that virtual communication will be used via emails to process regulatory applications and communicate regulatory decisions to applicants.

All submissions to the Drug Evaluation & Research Directorate should be sent by email to the following addresses:

1. Locally   Manufactured  Pharmaceutical

Products-Related Matters

2. Foreign Inspections and Active Pharmaceutical

Ingredient (API) Import Permit Matters

3. Clinical Trial-Related Matters Ake.dennis@nafdac.gov.ng
4. Locally Manufactured Herbal Medicines and

Nutraceutical Products-Related Matters

5. Cosmetics & Medical Devices-Related Matters Perry.eva@nafdac.gov.ng
6. Vaccines & Biologics-Related Matters Olaitan.adebola@nafdac.gov.ng
7. All Other Submissions and Issues Requiring

the Attention of the Director (DER)


Due to the size of some documents e.g.  Drug Master Files for API permit applications, applicants wishing to submit the USB Sticks or CD-ROMs of such documents can do so at the Reception Area of the Directorate where a Dropbox will be provided with a logbook for documenting such submissions. The devices should be properly labelled with the company and product names. On dropping the devices, applicants should immediately notify the Officer-in- Charge by phone call on 08057167363. The documents can also be sent to NAFDAC via courier services.

Please note that hard copy submissions will not be received nor treated at this time.


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