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List of Banned Veterinary Drugs

  1. Chloramphenicol. (Antimicrobial Agent)
  2. Malachite green. (Antifungal and Antiprotozoa)
  3. Carbadox (Growth Promoters and Antimicrobial Agent)
  4. Furazolidone (Antimicrobial Agent)
  5. Nitrofural (Antimicrobial Agent)
  6. Chlopromazine (Tranquilizer Agent)
  7. Stilbens (Growth Promoter)
  8. Olaquindox (Antibacterial Agent)
  9. Dimetridazole (Antiprotozoa and Antibacterial Agent)
  10. Ipronidazole (Antiprotozoa, Antibacterial Agent)
  11. Metronidazole (Antiprotozoa, Antibacterial Agent)
  12. Ronidazole (Antiprotozoa, AntibacterialAgent)
  13. Nitrofuran, Furazolidone, Nitrofurantoin and Furataldone (Anti Bacterial Agent).

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